Thursday, October 6, 2011

Nesting Mode

I finished the nursery months ago, but I am still in full on nesting mode at Casa Cox!  We are currently having some drywall and tile repairs done at our house and after that everything with new drywall will have to be repainted.  Luckily our builder is having to pay for professionals to do it but unlucky for me, they have to touch up almost every room in our house and that means I have to go dig out some paint cans and hope they are still good.  Because I have a really bad habit of not loving a paint color once I get it home and "tweaking" it with colors I have on hand.  Which means none of it is really replaceable.  Dumb, I know.

After the repairs are done and the paint is finished, I have big plans to finally finish up decorating the house.  I bought curtain rods for 4 rooms the other day at Ross.  Yes Ross.  I hit the curtain rod jackpot and got all the rods I needed for around $90.  If you have priced curtain rods lately you know that for 6 high quality rods that is a deal.  The ones I looked at at JCPenney and Bed Bath and Beyond ranged from $35-60 each.  I highly recommend you hit up Ross if you are looking for some nice rods.

This is the fabric I am using (read: I am begging mom to make) to make panels for the living room and valances for the kitchen:

Its from and its a Dwell Studio pattern.  I found a coupon code and got it for about $14 a yard, plus free shipping and no tax so it wasn't exactly a bargain but the rust, chocolate and tan looks great in my room and is just the graphic pop I wanted.

I also picked up some art supplies which I am going to use to make my own version of this scroll wall art for our dining room.  I spent about $60 on the canvas, which I think is a good deal because art this large is very expensive.

Lastly, I am going to try to make my own grain sack art for above our fireplace.  I have always struggled with what to put above the fireplace so we will see how this turns out.  Something along these lines but with the fabric stretched across stretcher bars, not framed under glass.  I am trying to decide if I want to replicate a french original, or personalize it more with maybe our family monogram and an established date?

image from here

I have family coming from out of state to meet the baby mid November and I would LOVE to have it all finished before they get here.  Am I nuts for thinking I can complete some of these projects while I am home those first 6 weeks with the baby???  I am not sure how I am going to handle the whole being at home thing, I always feel the need to craft or work on something and I get bored with the TV!


Blogging with the Bryan's said...

Good luck crafting. I had the same idea to get all these crafts done, but I only was able to get one done, BUT I also have a 2 yr old too, so you might be able to do. Have fun!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kim,

It's Cam, from the bank! I remembered the other day you had a blog and I was wondering if you had had baby girl yet. I see you haven't.:) Believe me after you have her, everything will change. I didnt think there was anyway I could stay home but now I'm wondering how in the world will i ever go back to work. AND after a week I was ready for everyone to stop giving me a hard time about taking it easy...i was ready to do things around the house. Goodluck my dear on having her. Look forward to catching up!