Monday, August 15, 2011

More Modern Jungle Nursery Ideas

Thanks to Google Analytics I know there are tons of people visiting my blog looking for modern jungle or modern safari nursery ideas.  I have done a few posts on those topics in the past, but the trend seems to be growing so I thought it was time for an update.  Mostly done for baby boys, but still suitable for a gender neutral room or a little girl, the modern jungle theme includes bold graphic prints, pops of color, animal silhouettes and the occasional subtly placed animal print.

Here are ideas to get you started, including some basic DIY crafty projects:

Animal Inspired Rugs - in a zebra shape, leopard or giraffe.  Add just a touch of jungle without being too themey

image from Decor Pad

DIY Animal Outline Art

Paint an inexpensive canvas a solid color and add animal shapes cut from paper using decoupage.

image from Decor Pad

Natural Colors - shades of green, tan and cream add a natural feel

image from here

Wall Decals - in all sizes and patterns.  Etsy is my favorite resource for wall decals and the options are endless.  They are inexpensive and not permanent, so you don't have to worry about painting over them.  Baby furniture tends to be small in scale so the nursery often has lots of empty wall space.  Large decals are cheaper than large wall art and take up a good amount of wall space.  Think big on this one - small decals will look dinky!

image and decal from etsy seller Little Lion Studio
image and decal from etsy seller Single Stone Studios

For Girls - walk on the wild side!  Modern safari doesn't have to be for just boys.  This design board uses shades of orange and pink to make the jungle theme girl appropriate.

image and more details found here

For more ideas, visit these past posts from my blog:

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