Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Dining Room Table!

We moved into our house almost 4 years ago, and our dining room has sat empty the entire time.  For the past few years it functioned as my art studio, but with that coming to a close we decided it was time for a dining room table.  Plus, all of our family lives out of town so I am hoping they will come visit for holidays now that we are having a baby!

I had pretty specific dimensions to work with and I knew I wanted a trestle table, something like this:

Problem was, with the size table I needed, the bottom part did not allow 2 chairs to fit nicely together - they were either too close, or had to straddle the legs, putting them too close to the person at the head of the table.  So I had to give up my dream.  But we were able to find a table with 2 pedestals instead of 4 legs.  That was really our main requirement when I was looking, something that was different and didn't just have 4 legs.

The table is made by Clearwater American Furniture, and we purchased it at Hemispheres.  It has a plank style top and also comes with a center leaf for extending to fit 8 chairs.  I will have it set up for 6 normally.

We don't have chair, or a rug, or a new chandelier, but we are well on our way to a real, grown up dining room!

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