Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pottery Barn Organic Elephants

This next set is an adaptation of my 3 animals series done to coordinate with the Pottery Barn Organic Elephants bedding.  Mom and Grandma waited patiently for me to finish it - I was running really behind with my tiredness and my full-time job being crazy in the last few weeks.

I really tried to match some of the details in the bedding like the stitched borders, the little bird and the shape of the elephants.  The request was to have the paintings lean more towards clean and modern, and not to look so "patchwork" and quilted so I stayed away from too many "handmade" details.

I was sooo happy with this set - it might be my favorite of all the animals series!  It has already been received and hung up and looks amazing in the room!

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