Thursday, April 14, 2011

Big & Bold Typewriter Painting

Last year, this typewriter picture from PB made the blog rounds with several DIY versions.  I shared the idea with a friend of mine and we both saved it for future project ideas.

Flash forward and she is expecting her first baby this month...any day now.  They are not finding out the sex of the baby beforehand, so they did a gender neutral space with kelly green walls and pops of white and blue.  We used the PB picture as inspiration for her nursery artwork and came up with this:

We chose a variety of neutral colors and did all lower case letters.  The piece is huge, 36x36" and I love big statement pieces so this was really fun to do.  My normal painting technique involves laying the canvas on the floor and sort of hovering over it but this was too large for me to reach.  I had to prop it up against the wall to paint it and I felt like a really artist.

Only 2 more orders to go and I am done!  Why do I feel like I keep saying that?

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Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Of course I like yours better than the inspiration piece!