Monday, April 25, 2011

Possible Crib Purchase

I pretty much have my heart set on a white and espresso crib.  Looking through all the nursery pictures I have saved in my style file, they all have one common theme.  They are all light and airy and have primarily white furniture.  My house is filled with dark furniture and I am not ready to go all the way with all white, so I think white and espresso is a good choice for me.

As for the style, I am more traditional, and many of the white and espresso cribs are modern, so that limits my choices.  For the longest time I was in love with this crib from Pottery Barn:
 Pottery Barn Skylar Crib - $799

Then, one day I stumbled upon a picture of a high-end looking nursery that used this crib:

Babymod Roxanne Crib in Two Tone - $189

I was surprised to find out it was from WalMart.  Its made by Da Vinci, which is a reputable mid-priced furniture brand.  My Mom and I are going to make a trip to the Pottery Barn outlet once I find out the sex of the baby, but if we don't find anything better there I think I am going to go with the WalMart crib.  Many parents chose cribs that convert to a full size bed, but I know myself and I am probably going to be sick of the crib and want to change my style when that point comes.  So I am going to go cheaper on the crib and invest in a nice dresser that can last through the teenage years.

If any of you have a suggestion for a traditional style crib that mixes brown and white, I would love to hear it so it can be considered!

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