Monday, March 7, 2011

My Master Bedroom Art

Here is the thing about my painting skills, they don't really extend beyond the nursery genre.  I never took painting classes beyond freshman art in high school, I am just crafty and started painting simple designs.  So when people come over to my house they kind of expect it to be filled with my art.  But I don't really paint grown up stuff that well.

But, in an effort to be thrifty, I decided to do a couple of things for our master bedroom myself.  And about half a year later, I am finally finished!

First I created this fleur de lis design inspired by something I saw in a high end decorating shop that cost $900.  I tweaked the colors a bit to coordinate with my room, and used left over paint from other projects so it was pretty inexpensive.  This is also the first time I experimented with texture and used a paste under the paint to create some depth.

The last step was to add some nail heads I bought at Lowe's.  That was the hardest part because some of them had to go into the frame of the canvas and I am not super handy with the hammer.  I am pretty happy with how it turned out, but it is hard to have your own work in your home.  Every time you look at it you see something you could have done differently or better.

The next piece is a little bit of a cheat.  I went to one of those paint and drink wine places to do it.  I waited for them to have one that fit my decor, and invited a few friends.  We had a blast and for $30 I had a painting that I would have never been able to do on my own.  I picked up a frame at Aaron Brothers for half off, so total this project cost me about $70.

If you have never been to one of those places, there is probably one near you.  You can bring your own drinks and snacks and they take you step by step through painting a set design for that night.  It was a really fun activity to do with the girls and even the most non-artistic person can come away with something that looks great!

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Angie said...

it looks AMAZING! great job!!!