Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Make a craft armoire

image from here

With flat screens and consoles being all the rage lately, I have been seeing more and more TV and computer armoires listed on Craigslist lately.  Being in the process of converting my dining room from art studio back into a dining room it got me thinking that these armoires are the perfect place to store all of your arts, crafts, fabric and gift wrap supplies.  They can be easily tucked into the corner of a spare room or empty wall and with a few modification are the perfect space to store all your stuff.

Most of the ones I have seen are an outdated wood color, so step 1 would be to paint it a nice creamy gray or white, or maybe even a fun turquoise color.  Add pegs inside the doors to hang things like ribbon spools.  The one above even has a spot to tuck away a trash can.

Sounds like the perfect craft spot/mom cave to me!

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