Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cheat it with the Chi

The Husband and I are visiting some family today and attending a family wedding.  Which means he will be all dressed up and lookin' spiffy in a suit.  Which got me thinking that I should probably share a little trick I use all the time with you guys.

I iron clothes with my flat iron.  It doesn't work on every part of a piece of clothing, but nothing irons last minute collars, shirt plackets, hems or cuffs like my Chi.  Just yesterday I heard The Husband fumbling around in the bathroom while I was just waking up.  He was plugging in my Chi to iron his collar before he went to work.  I don't usually buy cotton clothes that need ironing for myself, but I have a few button down shirts that I wear that look fine out of the wash, except the collar and button placket usually need some work.  After I am done with my hair I just run it over the collar and down the front to straighten everything out.   Works like a charm!

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