Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Love it or hate it? Antler Art

The Husband is an avid hunter, but we have a no dead animal rule at our house. His mounts are reserved for the ranch house, and despite living in Texas, we don't have any hanging in our living room. In an effort to bring some of his taste into our decorating, I do have a pair of glossy white antler "objects" on a tray on a side table in our living room. I painted them myself from some shed antlers (male deer shed their antlers every year, so you can find them on the ground if you look hard enough) and I think they turned out pretty cute.

Lately I have noticed that the antler trend is making its way into nurseries, which is an interesting decor choice. Here are some of the best examples I found:

glossy red antlers make a statement

all white for a mod look

image from here

a full man-made white mount fits perfectly with this cabin theme

Not going hunting anytime soon? Don't want the real thing? Check out these faux-antler alternatives:

cardboard moose, West Elm, $28

Z Gallerie, $49.95. Available in several sizes and animals.

? Love it? Hate it? Kinda weird? I don't think they are my style, especially for the nursery.


Anonymous said...

I would use caution hanging something that big and sharp over bed or changing table. You never know...just saying.

Emily said...

Carson has a European deer mount and a duck in his room...I'm married to a hunter...it's called compromise. I'd rather it be in there than in our room! :-)