Monday, November 22, 2010

Cool Color Combo: Gray and Green

I wear a ton of black and gray to work, but my house is mostly decorated with shades of tan and brown, with pops of color. So when I am envisioning a decor project at my house, gray never really pops in my head. Until I saw this room that I featured a few weeks ago:

I just love everything about it and couldn't stop thinking about that color combination! It is a hard one to find, and I hardly saw any nurseries using that combo. Here are a few favorites that I was able to track down:

A split pea soup shade mixed with dark grey with a retro Hollywood vibe:

image from here

Soft gray with olive green, tan and blue gray make a soothing space. Notice the branches in that tree have letters? I think its the alphabet.

image from here

This one mixes a gray that leans towards tan with a split pea green and purple. I love how the purple adds some punch!

image from here

This week is a short week, so enjoy some time off and don't eat to much turkey!

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