Thursday, October 7, 2010

Vintage Fabric Inspired Art

Last week I shipped off 2 12x16" pictures as a gift. The fabric used in the crib bedding was so pretty, so I used it as inspiration for the art. Here is the bedding:

Its from Layla Grace and the pattern is Fleur Lilac

Here is a closer shot of the fabric:

The walls in the nursery are a lavender, so I had to change up the colors a bit so they wouldn't clash with the walls. Here are the 2 piece I created:

I used an antique glaze over the top to create a more weathered effect and added the ribbon for a pop of color. Its the same pink as a rug used in the room. I also tried to do a little better job of staging the photo - the dresser the pictures are hanging on is in my guest room and it was a wedding gift from my Dad to my Mom when they got married. I thought about painting or refinishing it but I fee bad changing it at all!

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