Friday, October 8, 2010

Too Many Projects!

This weekend is the last weekend I have to get caught up on all my paintings. I stopped taking new orders for about a month and I got quite a bit done. I am not back to 0 but I am pretty close.

My biggest problem now is finding time to get my own personal projects done! After going to Round Top I have so many things I want to do to my own house! Some of you may know this, but The Husband and I have had some issue with our house, and I have major drywall and floor cracks so its been hard to get motivated and decorate. We found out last week that our builder is going to fix the source of the problem, and after about 6 months, fix all the damaged to the inside of our house. Its a big relief for us and I am excited that my walls will be fixed and I can decorate them again!

Hope everyone has a super weekend, stay tuned next week for a ton of new painting pics, I am pumping them out like a factory!

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