Friday, October 1, 2010

Round Top Here I come!

This weekend I am SOOOO excited to be going to an antique fair/market in Round Top. Some friends and I have had it on the calendar for like 6 months and I have been looking forward to it so much. I am sure The Husband is sick of my talking about it.

I have a couple of things on my list to look for, and to make sure I stuff that works in my house I put together a little book with my wall color, photos and dimensions. I am mostly looking for wall decor since my walls are so bare ( I know, I paint, yet I have nothing on my walls ). I am great at picking out furniture and large items, but not so good with wall decor and nic-nac kind of stuff.

Here are some things I am on the hunt for:

Antique wagon wheel for above our fireplace:

The Husband is a little skeptical about this one, but we have so many square and rectangle shapes in our living room that I really need something round and I think this will add a cool, rustic touch. I can't put a mirror above the fireplace because all it does is reflect the ceiling fan and vent.

Vintage ceiling tiles or some type of tin to go above the TV in the living room:

Here is the wall with the TV on it. This picture make it look even more blank and scary than it does in real life, I promise!

Maybe squares or 2 large pieces like this?

Vintage office decor:

We are finishing up the office and I just need a few accessories. Think globe, a glass jar with antique type writer keys and books.

I have a few other things in mind, but if I can score something that fills these 3 spaces I will be a happy shopper. Stay tuned next week to check out what I find. And don't be surprised if I use the iPhone and new blogging app to mobile upload some cool shots this weekend!


Miss Mustard Seed said...

Your plan sounds great! I hope you find all you're looking for...or at least things that will work in your spaces.

Thanks for your kind e-mail. :)

Lindsay said...

So what did you find? Get things off your list? And you definitely did it right. Going to Round Top/Warrenton you MUST have a list... or else it is super overwhelming.