Monday, October 4, 2010

New Treasures

Our trip to Round Top was a success! It was my first time to go and I was really impressed with the variety, prices and options. If you love old stuff, this is the place for you. Almost all the vendors were quality and I got everything major on my list. Here's what I came home with:

What I kept calling a wagon wheel is actually a buggy wheel from the 1800's! I shopped around and only found 5 that had wood and weren't all metal, and some of those had broken spokes. I was hoping to score one for $60 but ended up talking the lady down from $125 to $100. This was a splurge.

Paid $4 for this metal bird, but it is an import from Mexico and just made to look aged. That's fine with me, its still cute!

There were lots of ceiling tiles, but many were in bad shape or painted off white. I managed to find some in the exact shade of green my fireplace is painted! These will go on a wall next to it. I paid $60 for 4 24x24" tiles. I am going to have my Dad build square boxes for me to mount them on for hanging. The edges are sharp and the backs are covered in rust so I don't want them hanging straight on the wall.

I also randomly bought this old window for $10. I plan on painting it to look like an antique sign from a french bakery and hanging it in the kitchen.

And last but not least, this frame that was marked $5 and I got it for $3. It had a hideous picture in it that I already took out. I plan on turning this into a place to hang earrings. Once I get time for all these projects I promise to post a tutorial for this one!

We actually never made it to Round Top, but spent most of our time in Warrington, another fair about 4 miles away. They hold the sales in April and October every year and I highly recommend going. Just be sure to book a hotel now as they fill up fast!

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Lindsay said...

Great finds!! Glad you had fun... and Warrenton is much more reasonable. That wagon wheel would have been $300 in Round Top! :)