Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ceiling Fan-atic

One thing that really bothers me about decorating shows is that they always replace the ceiling fan with a light fixture. While it may be more attractive, it doesn't seem functional for most of the states in the lower half of the country. I am pretty sure my car said it was 103 degrees the other day. Ya, I'm sticking with my ceiling fans!

If you want to update your fan or replace an old one with a more nursery friendly option, here are some ideas:

This one is a little prissy for me, but adding a ceiling medallion will dress it up and add interest. Keep it the same color as the ceiling, or paint it with a contrasting color for more pop:

Created by Holly Mathis, this makes me think it is possible to attach a chandelier type light fixture to a fan:

One pre-made option I found from Lamps Plus:

Mod Podge fan blades from Mod Podge Rocks:

This one is an inexpensive way to update an existing fan.

Hope that helps those of you looking to add great design but still stay cool!

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