Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Shower Idea: Cupcake Bar

I subscribe to Groupon and they recently featured an add for a new service in Austin, The Cupcake Bar. I don't know about your town, but cupcakes are all the rage here in Austin so it was only natural for the concept to evolve. Enter The Cupcake Bar, a dessert catering service that will come to your event and set up a cupcake bar. Naked cupcakes can be dressed with a variety of frosting flavors and then topped with your favorite treats.

A fun take on the traditional wedding or shower cake, a cupcake bar is a cool addition to any party. Create your own with homemade cupcakes, pre-frost them and allow guest to top their own, or get really fancy and provide frosting in pastry piping bags for a truly interactive experience. Guest will walk away with a tasty treat and it is fun activity!

image from Jitters Event Planning

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