Monday, May 24, 2010

Easy DIY Headboard Ideas

When guests come to stay at my house, I want them to have a nice relaxing room to stay in. I want it to be nicely decorated, with almost a hotel feel. And I want all this without spending a lot.

Since we just now got a set of master bedroom furniture, nice guest room furniture is pretty far down on the wish list. Here are a few headboard ideas you can use to pull together a nice room on a budget. Pick something that coordinates with an existing dresser or night stand so that it looks like you put a lot of thought into the room without a lot of $.

Wall Decal Headboard - check out spots like for inexpensive versions. For tips on how to apply one successfully, click here.

Iron Bed Makeover - an inexpensive iron or metal bed can be easily painted to bring it up to date. Check out craigslist for awesome 80's white metal ones. You can paint over the brass hardware for a clean, uniformed look. Also, metal day beds are perfect for home office/ guest room combos. Add a ton of pillows for a "couch" look, then remove them when guests are coming.

Click here for info on this DIY spray paint project

Painted Wall Headboard - a good choice of your walls aren't too textured. Get a sample/tester size of the paint for this project, its all you need.

Here is one in a more traditional color palette:

DIY Upholstered Headboard - If you can wrap a present and use a staple gun, you can do this project. This shot is from my guest room:

click here to go to my DIY upholstered headboard instructions

So pick a weekend and give your guest room a simple, inexpensive makeover!

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