Monday, March 15, 2010

Reception Table Art

The Husband and I just returned from a wedding in Dallas and we had such a great time! The reception was in a gorgeous restored hotel penthouse and I felt very swank among the restored antiques and gold frames.

A couple of months ago the bride asked me to make a picture with their name and wedding date on it for the reception and I was happy to help. Below is the picture before I mailed it:

The size is 12 x 24" and I just added it to my price list. I would be great for a smaller name canvas.

Since it was going to sit on a table, I wanted to make sure the back was as pretty as the front so I painted it and covered it with black and white pattern paper. Here it is with the invitation:

And here are a few pics of the penthouse - it had amazing decor:

Hope everyone else had a great weekend as well!

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