Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Peace, Love & Decor

A couple weeks ago The Husband and I attended his Aunt's 60th birthday party complete with 60's costumes. Here we are in our flower child finest:

While The Husband is more hippie and I was accused of being a "60's sorority girl" I think we turned out pretty authentic. If you are new to the blog, I am a sucker for costume parties and was super excited to go vintage shopping for this one.

All the swinging 60's fun got me thinking about some hippie-inspired decor ideas. If you are a fan of that era, here are a few pieces you can work into your nursery decor:

A bright, flower power pattern

Cotton Tale Designs Lizzie collection

Mod, graphic shapes have a vintage appeal

Dwell Studio Gio Aqua set

Looking for furniture on a budget? Re-do a period piece from Craigslist

Check out this dresser makeover from

Visit your parent's attic for some some vintage finds you can work in. Bonus if they came from your own nursery, they will have a more personal touch. After all, everything old is new again!

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