Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Blog Button

I am super excited to announce a new blog button! Designed by Stephanie of Dirt and Lace Designs, I love the scalloped edges and little bird with heart wings! She also created a "favicon" for your browser bar so now instead of your explorer icon you can see a cute little bird when you are on my site.
If you want to spread the word about my blog, you can add my button to yours, its super easy. If you use blogger, just:
  1. Go to Layout
  2. Add a gadget
  3. Choose HTML/Java button and click the + sign
  4. Give your new blog section a cute title like "my favorite blogs"
  5. Copy and paste the entire string of HTML code under my button
  6. Save and check out the results!

Stephanie did a great job and I plan to use her for total blog makeover in the near future!

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