Monday, February 8, 2010

My Work: Elephant Parade

Elephants are hot right now and I have found a way to work them into several past designs but this was my first picture to coordinate with an elephant bedding set. This one is pink and green, which is another trend, and is going in a nursery with 3 pink walls and 1 green accent. The colors in the photo of the bedding look a little muted, so I got some paint samples to make sure I was matching the painting exactly.
Cocalo Bella bedding available from
The photo of the painting looks a lot brighter than it is in person. I did a polka dot design to coordinate with some trim on the bedding set. The green border matches the green color of the wall it will be on and the font is called "girls are weird" from That is a great site to get ideas from - letters are sometimes hard for me because I am left handed and don't naturally have the greatest handwriting!

I used my new found friend the paint pen to do these letters - I am really loving the amount of control they give me. I can get lines and edges really straight with them, which is great!

This weekend I will be hard at work on some new sets (in between a Valentine's dinner with The Husband) so be sure to check back in the next few weeks to check them out!


Jackie said...

Kimberly, we absolutely LOVE the painting! My husband hung it up this weekend, so I'll get photos to you soon! It looks so cute in Kyra's room, and arrived just in time since I've started having contractions and we'll probably be welcoming our little girl soon!

jen said...

i am jackie's SIL so she sent me you way - The picture is ADORABLE!
i love your work!

Linda said...

Kimberly, your work is charming and colorful. I saw Kyra's painting and love it. We excitedly await her arrival.
Linda Smith (maternal grandma)