Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Create a Style File

The Husband and I are not planning on having a baby just yet, but when I do I know I am going to have to come up with a fabulous nursery. I mean, everyone is going to expect it - right? But lately I have been thinking I might be overwhelmed when it comes time to design. I look at pictures of nurseries everyday but I don't have the perfect one planned in my head. Sometimes overexposure can make it hard to make a decision.

So, I decided to start myself a Style File. When I come across a picture or item that I really like, I started saving it in a folder on my computer. Then, when it comes time to plan, I can use this a resource for ideas. After just a few pictures I am already seeing a theme - blue, aqua and brown. Here is what I have in there so far:

The Style File idea can be applied to any room or any project really. Engaged? Make one for wedding stuff. Updating the living room? Start pics of sofas and fireplace feature art in a file. I think it will make big decisions much more simple. And simple is what I need in my life right now!

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