Monday, January 25, 2010

Top Baby Girl Nursery Designs for 2010

I've spent the last week combing the web for the hottest baby girl nursery trends for 2010. In no particular order here are my picks for those of you working on a baby girl nursery this year.

Note: I am featuring lots of rooms done by bedding designers here. No, I am not working with any of them, they just do such a great job putting together the entire room package that they are great to feature!

Modern Vintage - For the last couple of years shabby chic has been huge. This is pretty much along the same lines - think mix matched fabric for bedding - but with a little bit of a glamour twist. Less flea market, little more Anthropologie. Things that go great with this style: chandeliers, iron cribs, lace curtains, wall paper, ribbon and mirrors

Caden Lane Morgan Set - bonus, on sale for $225 on their website right now!

Glamour Girl - Start with modern vintage, take it up a few notches and you have glamour girl. Still big on chandeliers, but with more satin and lacquered finishes. Essential elements to this look can be found on last week's Glamour Girl post here.

Bedding and room by Caden Lane

Birds & Owls - Birds were hot last year and they are still around in a big way. This year, owls will also be added into the mix. Both are a super versatile shapes and can go modern, vintage or sweet with shades of pink. This is an easy one to inspire homemade decorations because the shape is easy to draw. They also work well with an organic theme since they are both so natural.

Featured on

Banana Fish Love Bird Set

Elephants - Jungle may be big for boys, but this year elephants will be huge for girls. Another fun, simple shape this one looks great in a variety of color schemes.

Damask - Hard to describe, damask is a repeating, graphic pattern and it is back in a big way this year. For those of you leaning towards a more sophisticated design, this is a great choice. Play with the shapes using black, white and another bold color.

Harlow collection from Cocalo Couture

Hopefully this gives you some ideas to start your nursery planning. Last year's post on the top nursery trends for 2009 is still one of my most visited pages so I thought I would update it for this year. Coming later in the week, top boy trends.

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