Monday, December 14, 2009

Shabby Chic Birdies

I often get emails from people asking if I can replicate a particular picture for them. For whatever reason the size or color options don't work for their room but they really love the pictures. Most of the time I can, but I always make a few changes to make it more my own.

Such was the case with my latest design. Offered by the manufacturer in a smaller size, Robin really wanted something larger - 20x20" - and with slightly different shades of pink and brown than the original. She mailed me some of the most gorgeous fabric samples I have ever seen.

The end result was this shabby chic pair featuring soft scrolls the same color as the wall paint.

Most of my work is more "graphic" in nature but I was pretty proud of this set with it's shading. I'm getting better with every picture! I love how these don't scream "nursery" and look like something that you could find at Anthro.

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