Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fun As A Flapper

I had a great time visiting the BF and while I was there she threw a great Halloween party. We have a long history of dressing up together - being in a sorority called for costumes for almost every occasion. I've been a Girl Scout, Lil' Kim, Dorothy, Victoria Beckham....basically I love costumes!

I was super excited to wear my flapper costume, a vintage dress I bought on EBAY for about $18 bucks. I wore some fishnets I already had, and borrowed some Mary Jane's and the pearls from the BF.

I just love the dress, wonder if I can try to wear it for real?

Jess was a character from the movie Grey Gardens, I haven't seen it but regardless it was pretty funny:

More pics from my trip coming tomorrow. I took some good ones of her house and her DIY projects!

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