Friday, October 16, 2009

Show Us Your Life

Today on "Show Us Your Life" on Kelly's Korner Blog, readers are sharing things they make and sell. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to share my work with her readers and tell you guys a little more about what I do. Lately I have had quite a few people ask me about me blog and they seem to be confused as to what exactly I am doing. No, I haven't quit my real job. No, I am not a decorator doing custom nurseries all around Austin (I wish!). What I am doing is working on paintings in my dining room to earn a little extra spending money - read: feed my designer accessories habit without draining the mutual bank account.

It all started when I created a painting as a gift to The Husband's brother and sister-in-law. They were welcoming our little nephew Caleb into the world and wanted something special for his nursery. After that, my cousin wanted a picture done and offered to pay me for it. I have always enjoyed painting and crafting but never thought that I might be able to turn that into a business. I decided to start a blog and see if anyone else would be interested in my artwork and to my surprise I got a random email for an order from someone I didn't know within 2 weeks. Now I am shipping paintings all over the country!

The idea is simple - parents work hard on their nursery and want it to be unique and special. I work with them to design a picture (or group of pictures) around their colors, theme, bedding, special interests, whatever. I draw out a couple of ideas, send them to the parents and once we decide on a size and design their custom artwork is ready in about 3 weeks! As an avid bargain hunter I know price matters and I try to keep it affordable for everyone. For a list of prices, click here.

Everything I do is custom coordinated to your nursery colors and no 2 pictures are ever alike. For a complete portfolio you can scroll through the slide show on the left or click here to see nothing but posts of my paintings. Below are some of my favorites:

(1) 16x20" Elephant theme, given as a gift at a baby shower - $40

Monogram set with (2) 16x20" and (1)18x24" - $110

18x24" name canvas designed to coordinate with the Migi Splash bedding - $60

(4) 16x20" letter canvases, designed to coordinate with the Cocolo Couture Harlow set - $110

When I am not posting pictures of my paintings I share ideas, tips and tricks for decorating your nursery and home. I love DIY projects, decorating my "Texas Tuscany" style home, traveling with The Husband and of course, shopping.

Interested in a painting? Email me at customnurseryart (at) Want to work together to promote your business as well? I am always looking for new ideas and cool websites to share with my readers.

I hope you enjoyed your little visit today and be sure to check back daily for new posts & ideas. If you like what you see, grab my blog button and share it with your friends!

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