Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Birdy Branch Art

Maybe its the organic trend but lately I have been seeing more natural elements being added into nursery decor. I have been seeing these birdy branch mobiles everywhere. Maybe it started in the Pottery Barn catalog with this version (featured with the Brooke bedding)......

I don't know about you but I get SO ANNOYED when I find a decor element I love in their catalog, only to search on the page for the item and realize that they just used it to tempt me and don't actually sell it. So, if you are dying for one, check out these homemade versions:

Found this one on the blog of photographer Audrey Habeck - love that she used stars

This blue bird nursery was featured on DesignDazzle.com

Directions for this DIY version are available at DesignSpongeOnline.com:

What do you guys think? Love 'em but not into birds? You can substitute practically anything - from stars to circles to origami shapes. I like the natural element they bring into a room and they would work over a changing table or hung in a corner over your rocker.

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