Monday, September 7, 2009

Q&A: A little bit of everything

As a former baby products buyer, I get tons of questions from friends about products and their registry. I thought I would start posting the answers for the rest of you guys to read.

Q: Hi Kim,I'm really excited to know you used to purchase baby products. Justin and I took our first shopping adventure yesterday, and we looked at all sorts of stuff (e.g. cribs, strollers, car seats, gliders, etc) Any advice you can give would be wonderful.

We like the Bob Revolution in Navy and are thinking of getting the Chico Key Fit infant seat to snap into the stroller accessory so that it is a travel system. I believe the Chico was one of the highest rated on Consumer Reports, but what's your opinion of its compatibility with the BOB? Also, we are looking at cribs that convert to toddler beds, day beds, and full beds. Are there any stand out brands you like (safe, stylish, and reasonably priced)? How about gliders? Thanks again for offering to help!!!!

A: Great choice on the BOB Revolution. It is named Revolution for the front wheel, which swivels and locks into a forward position for running or jogging. You definately want the swivel feature if you are going to be using it as an everyday stroller. That is the biggest difference amont the BOB models, the front wheel. You may also want to check out the 12"AW version, with smaller back wheels that have metal spokes it is a few pounds lighter than the original Revolution. Great if you are petite (which you are!)

As for the Chicco Infant seat, they are great as well. They typically come in a 22 lb and 30 lb version, which refer to the weight limit for baby. If you think baby might be big, go with the 30 lbs so you get more use out of it. Last time I checked, Chicco was not on the list of seats compatible with the BOB Infant Seat adaptor but surprise - it fits great! And, once you are done with the infant seat, you can add the included snack tray to the bar and you have a place for cheerios!

For cribs, convertible is a nice option to get your money's worth. There are tons of choices out there but I have always been a fan of Da Vinci. They are well priced, have lots of styles and finishes that you can mix and match, and have excellent customer service. Look for styles that include the toddler rail and if you need rails to convert to a full size bed, be sure to buy those now. That way, when you convert it in 2 years you won't be searching for the rails online somewhere!

For gliders, there are also a ton of choices. Like the name says, gliders "glide" back and forth. Rockers typically rock like a rocking chair. I recommend testing these out in the store for comfort and height. You want to make sure your legs and back are in a comfortable position as you will probably be spending the night in it sometimes! One suggestion I have is to check out Craigslist for high end brands like Pottery Barn, Best Chair and Dutalier. Its a great way to save $ as these brands can run well into the $750 dollar range when purchased new.

Hope that helps, sorry it took me so long to get back to you!

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