Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Little Lost with Little Ones

A sorority sister recently contacted me about some ideas for her nursery. She is having her first, a boy, and is a little lost when it comes to planning the decor. She has selected the Lambs & Ivy Little One's set for the bedding. With the trend towards decorating the nursery like a more adult room, I thought it was super sweet when she told me "Our son will only be young once and we liked the small child feel without being too baby."

She has the crib in espresso and a 6 drawer dresser from the Munire Newport collection:

The are currently renting, so a paint design and other permanent wall treatments are a no go. To gather some ideas, I did a google search for "rent decor nursery ideas." After several search combinations I came up with very little, so I can see where my friend is stuck!

After much consideration, here are my suggestions:

Hang the Crib Quilt - Many of the Lambs & Ivy sets have build in rod pockets on the quilt to use it as a wall hanging. The Little One's set has a really detailed quilt with adorable animals so it would be great to add a large pop of color to nuetral walls.

Reusable Wall Decal - Vinyl wall decals are all the rage these days. They come in tons of styles and colors and are an inexpensive way to get the mural look. Problem is, most of them are not reusable. Some decals are available in a reusable version, which is perfect if you are renting and may be moving. This monkey design would work great with the jungle animal theme and is only $24! Available at Solana Graphic Studio on

Art with Initials - The baby's initials are KPD. I think it would be cute to do 3 square canvases, each with one animal silhouette and an initial. They can be hung vertically or horizontally, depending on the space. Use animals from the bedding or ones that begin with each letter like:

K - Koala Bear
P - Parrot or Panther
D - Dog

I know they are a little random - those are some hard letters to use!

Changing Table in Closet - I just did a post about this. Save space in a small room by putting the changing table in the closet.

Hope these suggestions help Kim! If you want me to put together some ideas for paintings, let me know!

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Kim Dupaquier said...

Thanks so much Kim! That helps me a ton. I will look into the wall decals. Love the idea too about the KPD painting! My step-son was just saying we needed to get a koala bear for the room!