Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Paint Some Memories

For my sister-in-law's first Mother's Day, my brother-in-law made her the most adorable picture collage featuring photos of my nephew and prints of his hands and feet. All that got my creative mind working and I set off looking for some projects you guys could do at home to create you own memories.

Check out these adorable canvases! This is totally something you can do at home with inexpensive craft-store canvas and acrylic paint. Just use a foam brush to give the canvas an all over coat of acrylic paint. You may have to do 2 coats. Then, put some paint on a paper plate and let the kids dip their hands and feet right in. Arrange on the canvas and let dry. Then, you can even use a sharpie marker to write out their names or a message. Writing is a lot easier with a sharpie than a paint brush.

They would make a cute Mother's or Father's Day gift and an amazing Christmas gift for grandparents!

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