Monday, August 31, 2009

New Pottery Barn Catalog

I got the new PB catalog in the mail today and I felt like everything in it was designed specifically for me. Tons of rust, brown, green colors and vintage inspired items. Sigh. If they could just come to the house and do it all for me, that would be great.

However, one thing that drives me nuts is when they use something fabulous to decorate the room with the couch, but it is not for sale. We have a really awkward space above our TV that I want something for and I found the perfect thing hanging above a bed in the catalog - BUT ITS NOT FOR SALE. UGH.

I was going to share some of my favorite pages with you guys, but when you go online to look at the images, they are not the same as the catalog. For now, enjoy the jewelry box I am always admiring:

I currently use a vintage Buxton jewelry case I bought on EBAY and it is great but its a little beat up. But, it costs me $30 compared to the $300 version from Pottery Barn, so I think I will stick with it!

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