Friday, August 28, 2009

Make Your Own Mood Board

An expecting friend of mine recently decided to tackle a pretty big project all on her own. Designing and sewing her own baby bedding and curtains. Yes, she is ambitious. To bring her vision together, she created this "Mood Board" with the fabrics, paint color and the "logo" she designed for Will:

I see professional designers create these types of layouts all the time, but what a great idea to do it for yourself. Print it out on quality paper and keep in in your Baby Binder for shopping trips. It brings your vision together and makes shopping for accessories much easier. Will that lamp match? Just whip out your Mood Board and you may decide it isn't modern enough for your aesthetic.

I also LOVE the "logo" she designed. She plans on using embroidery hoops to create a hanging circle mobile with the W in the center. I can't wait to see how it comes along!


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