Friday, August 21, 2009

Green Theme: Eco-Friendly Baby Shower

Sometimes I feel like if you've been to one baby shower, you've been to them all. There are only so many new games, finger sandwiches and punch concoctions out there and it can be hard to get creative.

That's why I am so excited to share some ideas for a "green theme" baby shower. Everyone is trying to be more eco-friendly these days and if you have a friend that is trying to go organic for her baby this is the prefect party for you!

For a centerpiece, try creating (or purchasing) a cloth diaper cake. Many Moms are trying out cloth diapers these days and a diaper cake will get her started in the right direction. Not sure where to start with the cloth diapers? Check out this post to help you get started. Decorate the cake with fresh flowers and rafia ribbon. The cute giraffe topper on this cake is actually a Sophie the Giraffe natural teether by Vulli. Made of all natural rubber it is completely chemical free and safe for baby.
For an activity, have party guests decorate organic onesies for the new baby with fabric paint and paint markers. Available in an inexpensive 3 pack from Gerber at Target, it gives guests a chance to create something fun that mom will be sure to use. Like a guest book baby can wear!
At every shower I have been to, the Hostess always wants to give a special gift. Well, here is an idea that is probably not on the registry - a tree! Give the new parents a small tree they can plant when baby is born. They can watch it grow with their child and it is sure to be a special spot in their yard for life!

For favors, try putting healthy snacks like natural popcorn in glass baby bottles. After guests leave they can use the baby bottle to feed their own little one or to store small things like safety pins and buttons.

Since the theme is green you should try to make the shower as eco-friendly as possible as well. Send out an evite or other electronic invitation instead of paper ones. Keep decorations to a minimum and repurpose items from other rooms in your home to use as decor. Fresh flowers and house plants will do wonders! Use real plates and glassware instead of plastic. And for food, think fresh, healthy and natural. If you can, shop a farmer's market for fresh fruit and tasty homeade fruit spreads and baked goods.

Lastly, when Mom leaves, give her a set of re-usable grocery bags to carry her presents home in! She will think of you and the great shower every time she uses them!
Hope that gives you a good start! Enjoy!


Rebecca said...

I love the favors...where do you find the mini bottles?

Anonymous said...

Great Ideas!