Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fun Find - JJ Cole Diaper & Wipes Caddy

While I was a baby products buyer, I resisted the urge to stock up on baby products I would need when it came time for me to actually have my own. I purchased plenty of presents for friends, but never anything for myself. Until I found this:

The JJ Cole Diaper and Wipes Caddy. Designed to hold all of your changing essentials, I had another use in mind for it. Pedicure Station. That's right, I keep all my nail essentials perfectly organized in this cute little case. The included changing pad makes a perfect surface to paint my nails on and ensures no pink polish spills on the bathroom tile. Every time I use it I think about how much I love it. I even bought one for my best friend, with a note telling her not to think I was crazy! So, add this to your registry and after you are done using it for diaper changes, you can give it to yourself!

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Missy W. said...

Great idea! One of the girls in the office here has one for small laundry items, and another for correspondence and receipts!

Missy - JJ Cole