Thursday, July 23, 2009

Shop For Baby At The Grown Up Store

Remember when you got married how everything that had to do with a wedding meant more $? Catering for a wedding - more expensive than just a Saturday night party. Well, baby stuff is the same way! One of my best pieces of nursery decorating advice is to ditch the big box baby store and head straight for the "grown up" store. Places like Marshalls, TJMaxx and Target have a great selection of items for any style of decor.

While a heavily-themed nursery can be fun, it won't grow up with Baby as easily and in 3-4 years you will be repainting and buying new furniture and decor to suit your little ones new taste. One of the biggest requests from my customers is "something that will grow with them." Sure, purple butterflies are fun, but try convincing the husband that you need $500 to redecorate in a few years! My suggestion: elevate the level of sophistication in your nursery and use items that will last longer!

Here are some great designs with staying power to show you what I mean:

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Cute but sophisticated at the same time!

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