Thursday, July 9, 2009

Add Some Punch To Your Shelves

Painting or wallpapering behind shelves is a great way to make a simple piece of furniture brilliant! Decorating shelves can often be overwhelming because you feel like you have to fill every space but then it just looks cluttered. But, if you add some color to the back, it looks more decorated and simple accessories will do. I love the green stripes on the wall above and the green on the shelving unit really pops.

In the picture below, they used wallpaper to add interest to a dining room hutch. If your shelving unit has a back, you can paint or apply paper directly to the back. Just know that it will always be there! If it doesn't, you can paint the wall behind it or use tacks to hang the wallpaper on the wall. Just push the shelf all the way against the wall so you can't tell. That way you are not stuck with whatever you pick for forever!

And I just noticed the child playing on the dining room table.....does that mean I am not ready to be a Mom yet?

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