Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Top 5 Gender-Neutral Nursery Themes

If you are waiting until the big day to find out the sex of your baby, or you want something gender neutral that will last through several children there are so many more options than pastel green and blue. Below are my top 5 picks for gender-neutral nursery themes:

Natural and Organic - Organic is all the rage these days and this natural color scheme is perfect for a gender neutral room. The room below combines ebony furniture and a few vintage inspired touches to keep the clean colors interesting. I like the way they used black furniture without it looking too dark and harsh.

If you want to go organic but want a little more color, check out this Willow KidsLine Bedding Set made from natural fabrics with a sweet outdoor theme:

Circus Circus
- This circus inspired design is not for everyone, but it is cute. This room features elaborate animals painted on the wall, but you can achieve the same look by just painting the silhouette of the animals. Add some "big top" stripes and primary colors and you are all set! I love the tent inspired paint detail at the top of the room and the baby blue and red combo is interesting and unique.

Mod - Primary colors and crisp white combine with shapes to create a stylish Mod look. Great for a boy or girl - once you know the sex you can pull out red for a girl or blue for a boy. Play with bold paint colors for this look:

For a cool mod look at a less expensive price, check out this Skip Hop Mod Dot Bedding set made by Banana Fish:

Decorator-Inspired - Your nursery doesn't have to look babyish. Take some cues from the grown-up section of your home and incorporate a "decorator" style into your little one's room. Accessorize with elements from your favorite home decor stores. Bonus for this style - they won't grow out of it as easily!

- Bright shades of green, yellow and orange combine to make this citrus nursery really stand out. Orange and green is a new combination that replaces the pastel green and yellow you would typically find in a gender neutral room.

This Babylicious Happy bedding set goes perfectly with the citrus theme and is totally affordable! Available at Target.
Thanks to Design for some of these great images. Bet you can't wait to find out the sex of the baby! HAPPY DECORATING EVERYONE!


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