Tuesday, June 30, 2009

There's An App For That

A few months ago I got an iPhone and new phone number for work. Although I haven't downloaded any apps yet (I know, what's wrong with me!) I do love it. I am able to check my work email and my personal at the touch of a button and I LOVE the map/directions feature. I use it almost everyday and it comes in handy when we go out of town for a wedding and need to get around.

I have blogged about the ITZBEEN baby timer before, but did you know that there was a baby activity tracker you could download? I know I don't have a baby but I just think this is the coolest thing ever and might just be the excuse you need to get the hubby to buy you an iPhone! Created by a new Dad it allows you to track eating, sleeping and diapering habits so you can plan your day and have better information to report to the pediatrician. Just search "baby tracker" in the app store and you will be on your way to perfectly planned days and nights!

So, what applications are you favorites? Which ones do I need to download? I am thinking I need the Facebook app and some type of celebrity gossip blog. And I know the Husband needs an Aggie sports app so he can access all the latest info when we are at the games!

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