Monday, May 4, 2009

Sensational Site Sunday - For the Dads!

So maybe future Dad is not so into decorating the nursery. Or registering. I don't blame him, Babies R Us gives me hives also. The first trip to register with the gun is enough to send any Dad over the edge. If this is the case with your significant other, I recommend the pre-shop. This technique is also useful for weddings. Take your Mom or a friend to register and scope out the options. Then, take your Hubby back and present him with 3 choices for each item he deems important. Is he interested in helping to choose the car seat? Great. Don't show him 10 choices. Show him your top 3 and allow him to choose. He does not need to be involved in every decision, like whether to go with the terry cloth or minky dot changing pad cover. This will only annoy him and upset you because he is not interested in the baby and is not paying attention to you. I assure you, he loves you, he just has a 20 minute shopping attention span.

That said, you can also get Dad involved in the blog-world. There are tons of great Dad-centric websites dedicated baby-tech gadgets and funny diaper stories. Here are my top 3:

  1. DadLabs - this site features some hilarious videos, pretty funny product reviews, as well as real-life stories and issues that Dad is concerned with, like immunizations
  2. MrDad - this site has answers to FAQs and other things that any new Dad is probably wondering about
  3. RebelDad - one stay at home dads journey - with real issues and funny stories
And, if you are looking for a gift for a new dad, I suggest the Itzbeen Baby Care Timer. Great for gadget guys, this handy device allows you to store feeding, medicine and changing times and at $25 bucks, is a great buy

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