Monday, May 25, 2009

Design Dilemma - My Mantle Makeover

The Husband and I have this thing about random art. We don't like hanging things in the house that don't have any special meaning to us. I am fine with hanging decorative iron pieces or other such things on the wall, but I just can't go to Kirklands and buy a random picture of the countryside and feel good about hanging it up. It has to mean something to me. So, deciding what to hang over the fireplace has been quite a challenge. With the advice of a decorator, we painted the area over the fireplace a rich olive green shade. And then it just sat there. For a year. Blank. After I created my vanity area, I moved my old make up mirror to above the fireplace and it looked like this:

Yes, the mirror reflects a great view of a ceiling vent and the fan. Attractive.

Then, one day while digging through the bargain bin at the Pottery Barn Outlet, I ran across this Williams-Sonoma Home pillow (yes, they are owned by the same people - the have a monopoly on stylish home decor) marked down from $78 to $22. Now, let me explain something. I have been obsessed with using coral shapes in home decor for about 2 years. So I literally DOVE into the huge clearance bin to grab this. I added 3 more pillows that I scored for $2 each at the outlet and wa-la, my couch came alive with the perfect mix of modern and ranch I was going for. Well, as much as ranch and modern can mix.

So, with the coral pillow inspiring me, I set out to paint my own pictures for above the fireplace. Easy enough you say? Not so. I do not really paint stuff for grown ups. Kid's art is so much easier to do and although you might think I have painted stuff for every room in my own house, I haven't. So coming up with a design was quite a challenge.

I knew I wanted a big graphic coral shape. I bought a square canvas (they look so chic) and painted what I thought was a coral shape. To my dismay, it came out looking like a tree. Not that a tree is bad, but it just wasn't what I was going for. So, if you have the need for a 20x20" rust colored graphic tree picture, let me know! I'll sell it to you for $25.

Anyway, I made a second attempt and came up with a much better shape. I stacked the coral picture on top of a larger picture with a big graphic print and added a vase we already had. I am still not 100% happy with it but it is a big improvement. I think I may add some brown molding around the larger print to make it even bigger. I kinda wish it was bigger and I am on a big molding kick!

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