Friday, April 24, 2009

Pretty in Pink Paisley

This pink paisley bedding set was the inspiration for my latest set of paintings. Pink and brown are a hot color combo lately, and this set is fun, simple and sophisticated at the same time. The parents (of baby #4!) painted their little girl's nursery walls pink and put up the coordinating wall paper border. It was that border the provided the most inspiration for my paintings.

The border features half a flower, which I completed for the center picture. I surrounded it with paisleys and use the same paisley shapes for the 2 chocolate brown pictures on either side.

I created a template of 5 different paisley shapes and used them to keep the sizes consistent across the 3 pictures. I then embellished with 2 shades of pink and another shade of lighter brown. I finished off the set with some puff paint (yes, the same kind from the 80's!) to add interest. It always puts a polished look on the pictures. Last, I added clear top coat and ta-dah, all done! I think they turned out pretty well. I am always nervous about passing the pictures along to their new owners!

Hope everyone has a happy Friday. The Husband and I are off to our favorite store in Salado, Horse Feathers, this weekend to eat breakfast at our favorite cafe and shop for house stuff. Wish me luck!

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