Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Paint Your Walls Post Two - Add Pizzaz

If you choose to paint your nursery walls a solid color, or you do an accent wall or a chair rail, you will still need something on the walls. Ideally it would be my artwork (hey, I gotta plug it!), but I know there is more than one wall and plenty of options out there! Here are some ideas for things to paint or add to the walls:

1. Wall Monogram - A little different than the traditional name letters, why not put a monogram right on the wall? You can paint on on, or you can buy a stick on type like the one below from Pottery Barn Kids. Jazz it up by painting a shape behind it like they did. You can do the first letter of the first name, or initials in a monogram style with the last name in the center. Monograms are timeless and not at all "baby" so they can last well into the toddler years.

2. Paint Behind a Picture - So I looked everywhere for a picture of this idea but can't find one. I am currently doing this on a wall in my bathroom, so when it is complete I will have to post it. If you find some artwork you love, but it needs some punch or is a little too small for the wall, try painting a rectangle or square behind the picture in a different shade than the wall. It will add interest and make the picture you hang appear larger.

3. Wall Decals - If you want the look of a mural but aren't an artist, try wall decals. They come in 2 versions, a vinyl type you can stick and remove, and a wall paper type that is permanent. I suggest the vinyl type if you will want to change it in the near future. They come in tons of different designs from entire trees to circles you can place in any arrangement you want. Check out this tree from They have a ton of different ones to choose from.
4. Murals - This idea takes some talent but murals are not as intimidating as they seem. It just takes some patience and measuring. One trick is to find a design you like, and copy it. If you have a picture of something you want to create on the wall you can use this simple grid trick to replicate it:
  • Draw a grid on the picture you want to copy onto the wall
  • Then, use painters tape to create the same number of grid sections on your wall
  • Copy what is in each square one at a time
  • That way you copy the original picture in perfect proportion
Or, if you have access to an overhead projector (do they even still use those in school?) you can always project the design you want on the wall and trace it.

Also from, this was designed by Diane D for her daughter and featured bedding and decor from Pottery Barn Kids:

5. Frame It Up - This is a great option for those of you that have big kids. Get a large, old frame and paint it a solid color to match your decor. Then, attach a string with a clothes pin to the back so you can hang art suspended in the center. Its an easy way to let your child display their creations and still be decorative at the same time!

Hope this tips help. Next post in the series will feature more complex ideas for painting your walls. Have a good night everyone!


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