Thursday, April 30, 2009

Paint Your Walls Post Three - Detailed Designs

If you want to take your nursery design to the next level, detailed wall paint patterns are the way to go. Like a piece of art for the entire room, they make a huge impact. If you go this route, you can keep other accessories to a minimum so it doesn't look too busy. Here are some of my favorite design ideas, all courtesy of, the BEST sites for design inspiration!

1. Argyle - Done here in this "Moroccan Princess" room by Jack and Jill Designs, it can also have a preppy vibe. But, painter beware, taping off argyle stripes it alot of work. This one might best be left to a professional!

2. Go Grid - a great example of what you can do with painters tape! As along as your walls aren't super textured, painters tape is an easy way to create a grid design. You can leave the white walls showing through, or paint a light background color to show through a darker top coat. The design below was for a teen boys room and the grey and green are a great color combo.

3. Wall Paper Baby!
- wall paper is not just for your Grandma's kitchen! It can be a super cool design element as well. In this design, birds were cut from different wall paper squares and arranged in a pattern. Its a simple shape, but the colors and patterns add an awesome texture. This idea is simple, just make a template, trace and cut!

In the design below, they did a grid accent wall and the canvas features a wall paper monkey - so cute!

These are just a few ideas for wall decor that can really take your nursery design to the next level. Stay tuned for tips for selecting paint and painting once you decide what you want!

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