Friday, April 3, 2009

Decorative & Educational

In an age of highly competitive preschools and kindergarten entrance exams (ok maybe I have been reading too many chic lit books set in NYC) parents are trying to turn their little ones into brainiacs at an early age. But why not have some learning tools that are functional and decorative at the same time?

Check out these Nursery Wall Cards from Eeboo. Available in several different sets, they come with 26 letters, each one on a large, thick card perfect for display. Put up a shelf in the playroom and you can use the cards to spell out baby's name. As they start to learn letters, spell out simple words and have a "word of the week." Each set features beautiful illustrations, each with a different theme, and is durable enough to withstand little hands.
Also available in counting cards, perfect for learning numbers and basic addition. Beautiful and educational at the same time! And trust me, I have seen them in person, for $25 you will be pleasently surprised at the quality!

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