Wednesday, July 16, 2014

No News

Not much going on over here.  Just busy at work, and enjoying relaxing summer weekends.  We've had a pretty mild summer for Austin, and it is just now reaching the 100's.  So that has been nice.  For now I leave you with this snapshot of what I have going on:

Making: a couple of "The Lord is my Shepherd" paintings.  I want a new handbag, so I have been taking a few orders to save up for it :)
Cooking: simple summer dishes with salad and lots of avocado
Drinking: LaCroix water, so good and perfect for summer!  Note to self, try with vodka this weekend :)
Reading: lots of stories to H, and Play Like a Man, Win Like a Woman for my work organization
Wanting: a new purse.  Maybe for Christmas.
Looking: at a computer all day
Playing: pretend games with H.  Her favorite is when she is the Mom, I am the baby.  Fine with me, she usually requires me to lay down so she can cover me up :)
Eating: snacks at work
Wishing: not much these days, life is pretty good.  Maybe a tropical vacation with just B?
Enjoying:  Summer and lazy weekends
Loving: my little family and good sleep
Hoping: that H is not catching a cold
Needing: to start exercising
Feeling: balanced
Wearing: leopard skirt, white blouse and Cole Haan flats.  I never wear flats to work but I was being lazy b/c it was raining this morning
Following: too many blogs with skinny bitches that make me want to have more time to work out
Noticing: how hard it is to keep up with friends these days.  Wishing I had more time to connect.

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