Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Lazy Lunches

My husband looks at me funny when I take pictures of H's lunch every night.  I guess it really is kind of a weird thing to do.  But I find that it keeps me accountable for mixing it up, packing healthy and interesting things for her.

I was talking to another mom recently about pre-school and they mentioned that one that feeds her kid was a must.  She didn't want to have to pack lunches.  When we chose H's school I knew I would have to pack lunch and I thought I would dread it, but it really hasn't been bad at all.  It literally takes me 4 minutes as I am cleaning up dinner to throw stuff together.  There are tons of super creative parents on Pinterest making really cute animal sandwiches, but that is not me.  Hopefully when I share her lunches, it shows you that it really is simple and anyone can do it!

That being said, they have been a little boring lately as we got ready to go on vacation and cleaned out the fridge.  And when we got home it was pretty empty, so it was lots of basics!

taco pizza, + grapes + popcorn and cranberries

left over lasagna (gotta love frozen Stouffer's) + peas + canned peaches + applesauce

yogurt + oranges + almond butter and jelly sand which + string cheese

grapes and blueberries + peas + pineapple and bacon pizza + raisins and chocolate chips

crackers + cheese + turkey + cinnamon apples + yogurt

Saturday morning breakfast by Dad: toast + turkey sausage + strawberries and watermelon

dinner: pork tenderloin + avocado + peaches + cheese quesadilla

and for me last week, a sideways picture of stir fry with chicken, brown rice, peas and red peppers

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