Friday, March 7, 2014

Feeling Guilty

Since we don't have any family close to us (they are all 3+ hours away) we really don't do date night that often.  We squeeze in dates when we have someone visit that can watch H for a few hours, but other than that our husband and wife time is mostly at night after she goes to bed.  Which is fine.  She is a great sleeper so after 8 pm, we can work out, watch tv, visit, etc.  With her at school all day I feel like I don't have much time with her, and evenings and weekends are spent as a family.  Blah, blah, I know you are supposed to make your partner a priority but B and I are on the same page, and right now work and family time is really all we have time for.

But we got invited to the rodeo tonight with some friends, and B has been wanting to go for years, so we are going.  We have a nice babysitter we have used probably 4 times and H likes her.  She was a teacher at her old school and lives in the neighborhood.  Last night I starting telling her that E was going to come over to play on Friday night and they were going to eat pizza.  The first thing out of her mouth when I told her was, "you gonna leave me?"

Oh kid, why you gotta do that to your Mommy?  I had extra special time with her last night and we made green egg and ham cupcakes for her class (they have been reading Dr. Seuss all week).  And next week is Spring Break, and her school is closed, so she is spending time with both sets of Grandparents and me.  But still, it broke my heart to hear her say that.  You'd think after 2.5 years and only a handful of dates I wouldn't feel bad, but I do.

muffins with "green egg" sprinkles + nilla wafer and pretzel "ham"

Its interesting, because after taking with some of my stay at home mom friends last weekend, I think that is a big difference between working moms and SAHM.  Not to start a Mommy war here, but working moms sometimes feel guilty about the time spent away from kids, so I feel like we do less social activities and things away from the house.  SAHMs need a break from being home with kids all day, and are more likely to go out during the evenings with friends or on dates.

Am I the only one that feels guilty leaving my baby, even if we don't do it that often?  When we leave her with family I don't feel that bad, because she is spoiled and happy and barely notices that we are leaving.

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