Monday, December 9, 2013

Early December lunches

Here are some lunches, but first a bit about dinner.  I have been trying to give her more of what we are eating, and she has tried both shrimp (didn't love) and salmon (loved!) in the last few weeks.  I use a divided plate, and usually put a fruit, meat dish that we are also eating, and side on there.  If after a while I notice she is only eating the fruit and doesn't care for the things we are eating, I will then offer her something else.  Its helping her try new foods.  I also noticed she is more willing to eat things if she has a sauce to dip, she loves ketchup.  I buy a reduced sugar version and she calls it "her ketchup."
let over chicken strip + raisins + string cheese + snap peas + grapes and raspberries
pears + cheese + PB on cracker + lunch meat + raisins
yogurt + goldfish and dried green beans + quesadilla + banana

lunch meat quesadilla + refried beans + raspberries
applesauce + banana oat cookie + turkey peperoni + ravioli w/ ragu and carrot puree (sneaky sneaky)
and my detox lunch all week after Thanksgiving: sweet potato + raspberries + lemon pepper ground turkey + green beans

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