Thursday, November 7, 2013

Lunches Lately

Some of these lunches are a little sad....I hadn't been to the store in over a week so we were running out of fresh fruit and healthy options.  I am also struggling with finding veggie options I can pack in lunches.  Those dried snap peas seem to be about the only thing she likes as far as vegetables in her lunch, so I need to get some more of them but they don't sell them at my regular grocery store.

strawberries + oatmeal banana cookies + cheese and crackers + little smokies (her new favorite)
mango pear sauce + crackers + energy bites + turkey sausage + string cheese
oatmeal banana cookies + oranges + raisins + pigs n a blanket + cheese
grapes + annie's bunny cookies + raisins + spinach bites + pizza
pumpkin cookie + strawberries + brisket quesadillas + dried cherries
strawberries + pumpkin cookie + tortellini with red pepper soup as a suace + turkey sausage

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Jennifer Alexander said...

I think you are doing a GREAT job! Keeping things creative and different is hard. Plus you have to keep up with regular stuff like work and life. You little one appreciates your lunches, even if they are the same things here and there. At least they are home made and from the heart. :-)